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August Month


1. Students got the following prizes in Murugappa Culturals held at AMM School, Kotturpuram on 20/08/2016.

  • Quelling (Girls) – II Prize
  • Quelling (Boys) – III Prize
  • Group Dance – III Prize
  • Tamil Skit – III Prize

2. Our school students participated in the Vinnai Thaandi 2016 Competition held by an NGO on 28/08/20106 @ Ambattur an won prizes .

  • M. Isharath Raihana – 8A - I Prize in English Elocution
  • N. Yuvasree - 7E - II Prize in Drawing

Club Activities held during the Month of August

Social Science 02/08/2016
Film Club 08/08/2016
St. Johns Ambulance 09/08/2016
Nature 10/08/2016
Science 18/08/2016
Kids for Tiger 17/08/2016
Tamil 22/08/2016
English 23/08/2016

Grand Mother Story Telling

Grand Mother story telling for VI std. Students was held on 18/08/2016

Grand Mother Story Telling  

Madras Week

Madras Week was celebrated in our school from 16/08/2016 to 24/08/2016 with various activities.

Madras Week Madras Week

Career Guidenace

Omayal Aachi College of Nursing conducted Career Guidance for XII std. Biology group students on 06/08/2016.

Career Guidenace Career Guidenace

Awareness on Drug Abuse

Mr. Ram from Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) conducted an awareness programme on drug abuse on 08/08/2016.

Awareness on Dengue

An awareness on Dengue was created for students in the common assembly held on 29/08/2016.