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June Month

The co-curricular activities followed in SRMHSS are

  • Science Exhibitions.
  • School/ District / State Level Competition.
  • News paper in Education – Communication Development
  • Personality Development.

Science Exhibitions

Participation in Science Exhibitions is encouraged under the guidance of Staff in charge with the permission of the Headmaster. Expenditure incurred on the exhibits is borne by the School, if the cost of exhibit is submitted to the Headmaster in written form and approval obtained. Staff in charge is responsible for all safety aspects.

School/ District / State Level Competitions

Every year school conducts competitions in elocution, essay writing etc. as a part of Annual Day.

The topic and the date of the competition are announced through Notice Board at least one week in advance. Panel of judges approved by the Headmaster is formed to adjudicate the prize winners. The result is finalized at the earliest possible time and after obtaining Headmaster’s approval is announced through Notice Board. The prizes are given away in the Annual Day. The students are also encouraged to participate in inter-school competitions in the District and State level under the guidance of the staff in charge.

News paper in Education – Communication Development

To develop the communication skills of the students, the school itself is providing “THE HINDU” news paper at concession @ Rs.1.00 and also weekend classes are being conducted by the Hindu team to develop the communication skill effectively.

Personality Development

The personality development classes are being conducted by the well qualified trainers during the weekends.