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December Month

Half yearly Examination

Half yearly exams Commenced for stds. XI & XII from 09/12/2016 and for other classes exams commenced on 15/12/2016.

One Mark Test

One mark tests were held for stds. X and XII after the school hours.

Slow Learners Coaching

Std X : IC class students were given study materials and are coached daily. After writing the exams in the morning they prepare with material in the evening for the next day exam.

Std XII : Slow learners in std XII are called for the coaching on the day when they don’t have exams. IX std VIII std students were given coaching in Tamil, English and Maths in the evening hours.

Special Classes during Vacation

Students of stds. XII and X attended classes during Half yearly holidays from 26.12.2016 to 30.12.2016.

SLAS( State Level Achievement Survey) test for stds IX and X was held on 30.12.2016 and for std VIII it was held on 19.12.2026 and 20.12.2016.

Three Initiatives

Isha Remedial Classes : Isha students wrote the quarterly exams with other students in all the subjects. A special meeting was convened on 20.12.16.

Karadipath : Volume one was finished for Std VI. 43 Modules were completed for stds VII and VIII.

Yoga : Yoga is practiced during 12.30 to 12.40 PM and on Fridays during the mass drill.