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Our Journey

In 1927, a registered society called the Ambattur Educational Society had taken over the management of the school and had developed it into a higher elementary school, which was called Sri Maha Ganesa Vidya Sala. The members of the society were very sincere in their efforts and thanks to them, the record of the school was one of steady growth. Due to their continuous efforts and the generosity of the public, the school was able to maintain a steady growth. The society then put up a permanent building for the school in 1953 at a cost of about Rs. 15,000/-. In the same year, after obtaining permission from the Department, a secondary school was started in the new building.

In the latter half of 1950 India began to industrialise. Thanks to the efforts of industrial pioneers like Sri. A. M. M. Murugappa Chettair, Ambattur became an important centre on the industrial map of India. The hectic industrial growth in and around Ambattur led to a need for providingSri. A. M. M. Murugappa Chettiar greater and better facilities for education. There was also a growing demand from the public for a High School in this locality because students at that time had to go a long way either to Villiwakkam or Trivellore for High School studies. Sri. C. R. Ramanathan, Retd D. E. O. and Headmaster, Sri Maha Ganesa Vidya Sala and Sri V. Swaminatha Iyer, President, Ambattur Educational Society met Sri. A. M. M. Murugappa Chettiar and Sri. A. M. M. Arunachalam and impressed upon them the need for a High School and convinced them to take up its management. The Ambattur Education Society willingly agreed to transfer the management of the Sri Maha Ganesa Vidya Sala school to A. M. M. Charities Tru st. The formal transfer of management took place on 12-09-1957.

Soon after the take over, the management of A. M. M. Charities Trust effected several improvements and took steps to upgrade the school. Our first Correspondent, Sri. M. M. Muthiah, and the first Headmaster, Sri. C. R. Ramanathan, spared no efforts in developing this school into a model institution.

After obtaining permission from the department of public instruction, IV form was opened in 1958 and V & VI forms followed in the next two years. In June 1959, the whole school was shifted from its old site to the three sheds put up on the new site, specially acquired by the management for the school. The new site consisting of 22.03 acres, situated on an elevated ground in the Madras Trivellore High Road, was amidst calm and picturesque surroundings.

A special colourful function was held in the school premises on 22-06-1960, in which Honorable Chief Minister of Madras State, Thiru K Kamraj presided and the then Minister of Education, Government of Tamil Nadu, Thiru C Subramaniam declared open the new buildings and unveiled a portrait of Sir A. . Ramaswami Mudaliar. On 4-07-1960 Sir A. . Ramaswami Mudaliar visited the school along with Sri A. M. M Murugappa Chettiar and Sri. M. M. Muthiah. That was the beginning of Sir A Ramaswamy Mudaliar Higher Secondary School as it stands today.

The school became a full-fledged High School and the department accorded permanent recognition to Stds. VI and X in the following years.

The school was upgraded into a Higher Secondary school on 12th July 1978 and a permanent recognition was accorded by the Education Department.